Welcome to The Treehouse

This mom and pop shop is a comfy, kid friendly coffee house. We have an espresso bar, breakfast and lunch menu, and scrumptious homemade pastries. Not to mention the ice cream and desserts, yum. We mold and change to serve a variety of groups within our community including playgroups in the morning, free wi-fi for the students, business execs, and home schooled in the afternoons and local artists.

How We Keep It Fresh, Jersey Fresh

The Treehouse, known for its attention to detail, grows all of its produce, coffee & espresso beans, soy beans, and cocoa beans on the roof of their building. We checked, and the climate is condusive for growing all year round. We also have a small herd of girlie cattle up there for all of our milk & Half & Half. We also have a goat, but he's just for giggles.

**Caution, we have lost a couple cows over the edge of the building. So heads up when you park out front. A falling cow can slightly damage your car.

**No cows were injured in the production of our milk. Just a bit stunned. Betsy is still a bit shaken by her fall, and has sought cownseling. She thanks you for your prayers.
***Disclaimer: This is not entirely true nor is it actually feasible in our South Jersey Climate.  But here is what WE DO:
1. We do purchase produce from local farms when available. 
2. We also offering local free range organic eggs as an option for our customers, along with organic pastuerized milk.  Let us know if this is something you would like to see on our menu.
3. We do compost some of our grinds to use in our small garden that does produce tasty veggies for the shop in season. 
4. We do make 90% of our baked goods from scratch in our shop.
5. We do purchase our coffee from a local, organic and fair trade roaster. 
6. We make our own vegan cream cheese and tofu ice cream.
7. We make our own Gluten-Free bagels that are AMAZING!
8. We do all we can to conserve resources, and are looking for new ways to better ourselves, the community, and the world around us. ~ And that's no joke!


120 W. Merchant St.          Audubon, NJ 08106              856.547.3270

The Treehouse is now listed in The National Coffee Guide

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