Welcome to The Treehouse

"GET LOCAL" Summer Series 

As we grow wiser, we grow healthier.  The Treehouse is teaming up with 3 global, local and health concience women to share their knowledge of health and food with our community.

Admission is free

   July 15th: Natalie Winch with her book, “Ditching the Drive Thru”

 Meet the author of "Ditching the Drive Thru" as she gives a hands on Lacto-fermentation demonstration, which is used to make things like pickles, yogurt, sauerkraut, kamboucha, and relish.


   July 22nd: Meet Julie Pierre

  Julie Pierre is the muscle behind Our Yards Farm, a Camden County based CSA.  She will be giving an interactive talk entitles "Waste Not, Making the most of our Food and Resources".

   July 29th: Cynthia Irvin, “Eating Well for Optimal Life”

Cynthia Irvin, children's yoga instructor and author of "Our Souls Shine: A Nutritional Guide for Children", will be leading an interactive discussion on Eating Weill of Optimal Life.  She will sample some of her organic Cinnamon Kale Applesauce that is for sale in The Treehouse Coffee Shop, Collingswood Farmers' Market, and Whole Foods in Cherry Hill, NJ.