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Please RSVP to me (by 11/20/2013), Jessica Wilson, at:

Can't make it on the 29th, but are SUPER INTERESTED in learning how to do this? Call me at (856)373-6630. I will come to you! 

Already know how to make Cards and Layouts, and just want some REALLY AWESOME supplies? Check out my web store:


Are you caught in the Pinterest World of saying "I can make that" or "I want to make that, but how"? 

Well, that's where I come in! 

My name is Jessica Wilson and I will be here on Friday the 29th to help you make Holiday Greeting Card and Holiday Gift Tags! 

You will have access to a Cricut Die Cutting Machine, Stamps, Ink and other embellishments! After taking the class, you can FINALLY say "I CAN make that"! 

The class will give you the opportunity to make 10 handmade items- 6 greeting cards and 4 Gift Tags. The cost of the kit will be $15 (which will be for the paper, adhesive, and embellishments). I will  need to have a RSVP's by 11/20/2013!