Welcome to The Treehouse


Join us in Saving the World, one seedling at a time.

There are missions that you believe in, and we believe in you. So let us help you reach out.

Hold a Fundraiser here at The Treehouse!
Mon, Tues & Fri nights from 4-9pm are available.

15% of all sales that night will go to your organization.

We will post the event on our community calendar, and send a link from our page to yours.

All you need is a cause, and an official non-profit certificate.

Than email us and we'll set up a date and time.


The Treehouse thinks Globally & acts Locally.


1. We are a regular meeting place for many community groups.  If your group meets here or would like to meet here, click here and see what we can do to make that happen!

2. Our Coffees are Organic & Fair Trade Our roasters, Crescent Moon is located in Mullica Hill, NJ
They believe in relationship coffee to learn more click here.
Endgrain is located in Pitman, NJ

3. Our seasonal Apple Cider is made from Jersey Apples grown on
Schober Orchards in Monroeville, NJ