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Organic Randy's Blend

Roast: Medium 

Body: Rich, Organized

Accents: Bold with a hint of Sarcasm

Acidity: Focused & Centered

This house blend, boasts a delicate balance of some of the finest Central & South American Coffees. The perfectly balanced acidity, which presents a wonderful brightness, can only be complimented with a medium body to make an astounding middle-of-the-road cup of coffee. Such an exceptionally amazing coffee cannot be beat for being the best cup to brighten your morning – not unlike Randy’s friendly smile and humorous greetings

Organic Sumatra

Roast: Dark 

Body: Deep, Wild

Accents: Earthy, Tobacco

Acidity: Absent

Remarkably low in acidity, this stomach friendly coffee carries a considerably different yet tantalizing taste profile unlike any other coffee grown on earth. The intent of the PermataGayo Coop is to increase the sales of the organic coffee grown on the very small farms of its 50 members. Devastated by civil war and earthquake, the farmers hope for a peaceful future, prosperity & careful stewardship of the natural environment.

Breakneck Espresso Blend

Roast: Medium-Dark

Flavor: Berry, Chocolate, Floral

Body: Consuming, Fulfilling

Acidity: Controlled

 Using five different coffees from all over the world, this blend required careful combining and tasting. After many attempts, the many attributes that make an exceptional espresso came together. Exploding with flavor, crema, and sweetness, this blend produces the finest espresso available.

JB's Black Velvet

Roast: Medium 

Body:  Smooth, Deep

Accents: Sweetness Like Dark Honey

Acidity: Timid

Challenged to bring a new blend to the cupping table, our roasters at Crescent Moon stepped up to the plate.  The result is a perfect blend of earthy African coffees with the smooth sweetness of South American Beans.  The name appropriately is also a blend of two names suggested by our customers in a fundraiser for the Stone Family.  J.B. is the father of the family.  Hewas recently diagnosed with cancer.  Many folks from the community have tried to raise funds to help them with the costs associated with his treatments.  The Black Velvet aptly describes the brew.  And so we have  . . . JB's Black Velvet.

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