Welcome to The Treehouse

3rd Annual Treehouse

Barista Competition
Jan. 19th
$5 donation at door benefits:

Coffee Kids - Grounds for Hope

Watch - The Treehouse baristas go head to head in creating new and delicious Treehouse beverages.

Listen - to our panel of judges critique each creation.

Enjoy - delicious beverages, bites and desserts served buffet style.

** All baristas will be available after competition for autographs, counter service (15% of sales will also be donated to Coffee Kids), and to answer questions you may have about coffee, espresso and all that jazz.


This "starving artist" works hard as a barista to support her crafty lifestyle. Will she infuse her colorful personality into her specialty drink? We will see, we will see.


April With some experience now under her belt, April's knowledge of food from The Restaurant School could prove quite useful. What will be her secret weapon? Don't count this young barista out yet.


Carolyn This reigning champ is a quiet but deadly competitor. Last year's Sopapilla took the prize, what will she bring to the table this year?


Rob Returning to reclaim the title, this leaves the judges astonished year after year with the concoctions he creates. Will his homemade bagels that he serves his regulars each Sunday make an appearance in the competition again this year? Never know what to expect when Rob steps behind the counter.


She may be tiny, but she packs a punch of personality. Never know what she might come up with, but whatever "it" is, you can be sure that she's got this.